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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu


Every person, who has earned a black belt, will tell you that the journey is priceless and your life is greatly enhanced in the process!


We view the tuition payment as an investment in the student's education and this education will last a life time!


In order to help YOU on your journey with the LEAST financial commitment, we have one SIMPLE plan.



A one-time membership fee: $50

(includes a uniform and training manual) 


Monthly Tuition:  $162.00** 

We ONLY offer a MONTH to MONTH agreement.


This allows you the opportunity to stop training at the end of any month.  Miller's Tang Soo Do Institute, Inc. is only interested in students that actively want to learn and train in the martial art.


**Monthly tuition of $162 per month equals only $18 per class for individual attention in every class by Grandmaster Glenn Miller.