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We are a private martial arts school

offering limited class sizes

to adults ages 18 and older

for individual attention

in a

safe and controlled



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"Know yourself and you will win all battles" - Sun Tzu


Are you interested in a journey of self-discovery and a more power-full you?
Training in the martial art is a journey of learning self-survival and self-discovery.
Anyone can kick and punch, but to find one's true self is a completely different journey.
If this is what you seek, then you will need an experienced guide while you travel this path.


Begin your journey by exploring our website!



"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu



Learn the Principles needed to Survive a physical Life or Death encounter.
Learn the one thing that is necessary to change any
 physical life or death encounter
instantly in your favor!
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If you had to defend yourself using
hand to hand combat and/or
the use of any weapon including a firearm,
in a life or death asocial encounter,
would you have the ability to
 financially defend yourself in the legal system?
If not,
I highly recommend you follow the link in the banner below
and purchase the appropriate level of protection.




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