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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lao Tzu

Grandmaster Glenn R. MillerGrandmaster Glenn R. Miller


All classes are conducted personally by 8th Degree Tang Soo Do Grandmaster Glenn R. Miller. He began training in 1979 under Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo and received the Dan #9 from the International Tang Soo Do Moo Duck Association on January 3, 1985. He later received his 4th Dan Master's Certificate on June 27, 1998. He is only one of six students to be promoted to the rank of Master Instructor by Grandmaster Seo. 


Please contact me if you would like to purchase this book.Please contact me if you would like to purchase this book.

 He assisted Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo in authoring the book "Traditional TANG SOO DO - Volume 1." This book details some critical Tang Soo Do knowledge Grandmaster Seo acquired during his lifetime of training. (This book is no longer in print but a limited number of books are still available. Please use the contact form if you are interested in purchasing a copy.)  


"The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do" by GM Sy Cheatham"The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do" by GM Sy Cheatham


Since Grandmaster Seo's retirement from teaching, Grandmaster Miller has been training under the supervision of Grandmaster Sylvester Cheatham, the highest ranking student under Grandmaster Seo's system.  Grandmaster Miller assisted Grandmaster Cheatham in authoring the book "The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do." This book details the forms required for 1st Dan and 2nd Dan under Grandmaster Seo's system. It can be purchased at Outskirts Press.


Year 2005 Various Master's Division Trophies.Year 2005 Various Master's Division Trophies.


Grandmaster Miller is a "Grand Champion" Master's division, forms and weapons, World Tang Soo Do competitor.



He received the "Korean Master's Forms Champion of the Year" award while being inducted into the "United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association - Hall of Honor" on November 5, 2005. 





He was also inducted into the "Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association - Black Belt Hall of Fame" on November 12, 2005. 


Philadelphia 2015Philadelphia 2015



On July 25, 2015, he was inducted into "The Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame."

8th Dan Promotion 20158th Dan Promotion 2015


On June 20, 2015, Grandmaster Miller received the rank of 8th Dan Midnight Blue Belt from the "World Korean Dang Soo Do Federation" (Dan #2015-300-MD) and the "Korean Tang Soo Do Academy" (Dan #55).

Grandmaster Miller's Martial Art Lineage