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Your journey will begin with learning how to find balance in your body and in your mind in order to achieve balance in your daily life. This is complimented with physical training to achieve a more power-full physical and mental you! It is a slow process but you will be offered guidance on each step of your journey.
As you achieve balance, you will learn how to move your body in a way that will allow the most power with the least effort! You will discover many things about yourself that you were not previously aware of.
As you achieve efficient body movement, you will learn how to effectively target. Locating and effectively attacking targets will bring you to self-survival. This is an important aspect to training if you want to continue on your journey of self-discovery!
Grandmaster Miller accepts adult students (18 years old and older) who are eager to learn and are willing to actively train in the martial art of Tang Soo Do. Grandmaster Miller interviews each prospective student, before acceptance, in an effort to determine if this is the appropriate dojang (school) for their journey of self-discovery in the martial art. 

Class Sizes are LIMITED for INDIVIDUAL attention!




gup manual

Our program is fully documented with a detailed manual for each level of your training.
We have a "Yoga Wall", with adjustable bar heights, to allow you the stability needed for stretching various muscles of the body.

yoga wall


As a part of our program, you will learn the various bones, internal organs, and systems of the human body with the assistance of a full scale skeleton and anatomical model. To be a well rounded martial artist, you need to know how the human body functions and the consequences of causing or receiving an injury.
Among the many aspects of training, you will learn how to break wood boards with your feet and hands. We also teach how to break concrete blocks to advanced students but it is not a mandatory requirement for training.

Mrs. Pauline Wenrich breaking a board using a front kick technique.
Mrs. Erika Patregnani breaking a board using a flying side kick technique.

Mr. James Horstkamp breaking 4 concrete blocks using a hand knife technique.


Weekly Adult Class Schedule


*Open Class
(6:00-6:30 p.m.)
No Class
(6:00-6:30 p.m.)
(6:30-7:30 p.m.)
No Class
(6:30-7:30 p.m.)
       *Open class is a time available to practice.
     **Traditional class is a formal structured class for martial art training.



Click HERE for a link to our school calendar.





Miller Cabinetmakers

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FROM THE SOUTH : Follow Route 235 North to the Route 4 intersection.  Turn left at the traffic light on Route 4 towards Leonardtown.  Bear right on Route 5 North toward Leonardtown, MD.  Follow Route 5 North through Leonardtown.  Follow Route 5 approximately three more miles.  "Miller  Cabinetmakers"  will be on your right.  The studio is located in the warehouse behind "Miller Cabinetmakers".  The school entrance is on the right side of the warehouse towards the rear.
FROM THE NORTH : Follow Route 5 South to Mechanicsville, MD.  After Mechanicsville, there will be a traffic light with a WAWA service station on your right.  Turn right. This is where Route 5 turns and goes toward Leonardtown, MD.  Follow Route 5 approximately six more miles.  "Miller  Cabinetmakers"  will be on your left.  The studio is located in the warehouse behind "Miller Cabinetmakers".  The school entrance is on the right side of the warehouse towards the rear.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the traditional martial art of Tang Soo Do a sport?
This is a very important question.  Traditional Tang Soo Do is NOT a sport.  It is a lifestyle.  There are martial arts that are considered  a sport and some of them are in the Olympic Games.  Traditional Tang Soo Do is NOT one of these arts. Tang Soo Do is a journey that can last a lifetime.  It is not about winning or losing which would be important in a sporting activity.  It is about living life and surviving in the real every day world!  It is about finding a more POWER-FULL you!     
Why should I consider Miller's Tang Soo Do Institute, Inc.?
Miller's Tang Soo Do Institute, Inc. is a private martial arts school serving Southern Maryland since 2002.  We have a limited enrollment of adult students (Age 18 and up).  With a limited class size, you will get individual attention in every class by Grandmaster Glenn Miller.  
Who is Grandmaster Glenn Miller?
Grandmaster Glenn Miller is an 8th Degree Grandmaster teacher with over 35 years experience in the martial arts. He is one of only six individuals promoted to Master teacher by Supreme Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo. Grandmaster Miller assisted Grandmaster Myung Seok Seo in authoring the book "Traditional TANG SOO DO - Volume 1".  This book details a portion of the knowledge, of Tang Soo Do, Grandmaster Seo has acquired during his lifetime of training. Grandmaster Miller also assisted Grandmaster Cheatham in authoring the book "The Lost Forms of Tang Soo Do". This book details the forms required for 1st Dan and 2nd Dan under Grandmaster Seo's system. Grandmaster Miller is a two-time Grand Champion competitor and a member of the "Eastern USA International Martial Arts Association Black Belt Hall of Fame" and the "United States Head of Family Martial Arts Association - Hall of Honor."


How old do I have to be?
We accept adult students 18 years old and older.
Am I too old to participate in class?
We do not believe you are ever too old.  Each person learns at their own pace and comfort level.


Is Tang Soo Do only for men?
No, our classes are for men and women. Tang Soo Do is a martial art that offers the individual (male or female) the ability to develop physically and mentally.  We offer a safe and controlled environment for each student to develop their maximum potential.
What equipment do I need to participate in class?
Everything you need to initially participate in class is provided for you. After your first belt promotion (approx. 2 to 3 months of training), you will need to purchase your own sparring gear in order to participate in supervised class sparring.
Do I have to sign a long term contract?
No, we have a month to month agreement.  This allows you the opportunity to stop training at the end of any month.  Miller's Tang Soo Do Institute, Inc. is only interested in students that actively want to learn and train in the martial art.
How much does it cost?
This is a very good question! There is only one monthly tuition payment due on the first Tuesday of every month. We view this tuition payment as an investment in the student's education and this education will last a life time!   There are NO hidden fees.  The tuition amount includes: all Gup (Grade) Testing Fees.  You will not find a better value!

Investment Information

Every person, who has earned a black belt, will tell you that the journey is priceless. Your life is greatly enhanced in the process! We view the tuition payment as an investment in the student's education and this education will last a life time! In order to help YOU on your journey with the LEAST financial commitment, we have one SIMPLE plan.
A one-time sign-up fee: $50.00 (includes a uniform and training manual)
 Monthly Tuition:    Adult Class (18 years old and older)  :  $100.00


Benefits of Training at Miller's Tang Soo Do Institute, Inc.
ALL classes are conducted personally by 8th Degree Grandmaster Glenn Miller.
You receive personal attention in every class due to the limited class sizes.
Class sizes are small to accommodate this kind of personal attention.
All Gup Testing Fees are INCLUDED.



You will not find a better value!


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